Blackboard at SMHS

Blackboard Course Management

MD Program

The MD Program uses Blackboard for all Pre-Clinical courses and most clerkships. For more detail, see the relevant sections below. 

Fundamentals of Medicine (Pre-Clinical Phase)

Pre-clinical Medicine courses all have Blackboard sites created and maintained by the Office of Medical Education.  All pre-clinical courses have the same template and navigation elements so that students have a consistent look and feel throughout their pre-clinical curriculum.  Block directors have the flexibility to add elements specific to their courses as necessary.  Contact your course coordinator or the Office of Medical Education to learn more about your course's Blackboard site.

Fundamentals of Clinical Practice and Transition to Advanced Clinical Practice (Clerkships)

Clinical courses and Clerkships also have Blackboard sites available.  Contact your clerkship coordinator for more information on how to access Blackboard. 

Health Sciences Programs

Health Sciences programs also use Blackboard to manage courses.  In most programs, individual faculty are responsible for maintaining their course sites.  The IMPACT Team also has resources on their website and is available to advise.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web-based collaborative learning tool designed to work in tandem with the Blackboard system, featuring options for meetings, class participation, and virtual hosted seminars. For more information, please visit the GWU IT Blackboard Collaborate Page.

Additional Resources