Fundamentals of Leadership Program

Program Description

This is a seven-month, cohort-based program. The purpose of this program is to improve the leadership capabilities of full time SMHS faculty and staff in administrative roles within SMHS.  The program is focused on enhancing fundamental leadership competencies related to leading individuals, teams and change. The target audience are those who are in administrative roles directing programs, functions, centers and large-scale projects.

The program uses a learning approach to effective leadership development based on work by Jay Conger, incorporating conceptual understanding about leadership, skill building, feedback, and reflection.

The program will begin with individual pre-work developing or refining a project plan for one work-related project the participant wants to focus on developing throughout the seven months.  This will be shared and discussed at a day-long orientation session. Thereafter, the cohort will meet monthly, face to face, for 4 hours to explore and discuss various leadership competencies and how they can be applied to the project. A small amount of reading will be assigned to be completed in advance of each session. In between the monthly sessions, cohort members will engage with an assigned mentor of their choice to work on building the competencies related to their specific project.  Mentors will be discussed at the orientation session; the participants should not identify a mentor in advance.

The schedule of session dates, times, topics and faculty facilitators is below. A non-credit bearing Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants upon their successful completion of the program.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Apply concepts, tools and techniques to increase or enhance their personal effectiveness
  • Implement strategies to improve their interpersonal effectiveness
  • Implement strategies to enhance the performance and learning of their teams
  • Employ tools and techniques to enhance their management of change and measure its effectiveness
Application Process

Download Application Here

Please do NOT provide any supplemental information.

Applications are now closed. Please check back next year for future offerings.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on:

The alignment of the program goals, content and approach with the applicant’s stated needs, and the project’s importance to the department and to SMHS.

2022-23 Schedule of Fundamentals of Leadership Sessions

In-person attendance is expected at all sessions

Session Date and Time Content Faculty Facilitator(s)

Session 1:

December 8, 2022


Setting Direction for  and Leading Change

Program overview, project planning, general leadership behaviors, change leader types, and organizational change requirements


Session 2:


January 12, 2023


Building Your Negotiation Skills

Common myths, recommended processes, and best practice techniques and tactics for negotiating for resources and other support


Session 3:


February 9, 2023


Managing Your Time and Managing Up

Techniques for prioritizing tasks, making the best use of time, and maximizing your relationship with your supervisor(s)


Session 4:


March 9, 2023


Gaining Commitment and Embedding Culture

Coaching and developing others, addressing resistance and performance issues, and building a culture of commitment


Session 5:


April 13, 2023


Maximizing Team Performance and Learning

Principles and practices to promote effective teamwork, facilitate useful meetings, manage conflict, and develop a high performing team


Session 6:


May 11, 2023


Developing Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Assessment of and strategies for enhancing your self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management


Session 7:


June 8, 2023


Moving Change Forward

Continuing project and change leadership requirements, personal leadership development and succession planning


    Questions may be directed to:

    Ellen Goldman, EdD, MBA
    Program Leader or 202-994-4004

    Dee Dee Herrmann
    Director, SMHS Center for Faculty Excellence or 202-994-5144