Career Development

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences offers many career development opportunities for faculty members. 

If you would like an individualized Career Development consultation with CFE staff, please use this form to request a consult.  


The Center for Faculty Excellence offers the following programs and resources for your Career Development: 

Junior Faculty Development Workshop

The Junior Faculty Development Workshop. This is a half-day workshop to explore and discuss specific strategies for enhancing your career. 

Applications are now closed.

Mid-Career Faculty Development Workshop

The Mid-Career Faculty Development Workshop is a half-day workshop that provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to pursue promotion to full professor.

Elevating Others With Your Words Seminar Series

A Seminar Series on Letters of Recommendation in Academic Medicine. This series of virtual sessions will have speakers across the GW Academic Medical Enterprise who will provide guidance on a variety of faculty development techniques and standards regarding writing recommendations and letters of support to students and faculty.

To learn more about the seminar series and view previous sessions, click here.

Mentoring Resources

The SMHS Mentoring Resources serve to complement existing mentoring that is occurring at the division and department levels and are designed so that SMHS faculty can create a mentoring strategy that best meets their preferences, career development needs, and professional goals.

The resources are intended to be adaptable, and available when and as needed, to meet the diverse needs of faculty.

Master Teacher Leadership Development Program

Offered by SMHS in partnership with the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, the Master Teacher Leadership Development Program provides a unique opportunity for faculty in medicine and health sciences to enhance their teaching skills, pursue scholarship in education and develop their leadership potential.

Additional Career Development programs are available from the following offices: 

Continuing Education in the Health Professions

The Office of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (CEHP) provides continuing education resources focused on improving the capabilities of healthcare professionals. CEHP offers accreditation, instructional design services, meeting planning and coordination, marketing, speaker coordination, grantsmanship in support of learning, and online and live education.

Clinical and Translational Research
(Health Sciences Master's & Certificate Programs)

The Clinical and Translational Research programs call upon researchers to develop their work with broader, more holistic worldviews. This training equips professionals with enhanced research and leadership skills, preparing them to work collaboratively with researchers, patients, and leaders in health care.

Tipsheets on Navigating Critical Career Conversations

The following handouts provide guidelines with examples about conducting and participating in difficult conversations. See the Teaching Tips page for more printable resources regarding giving and receiving feedback and classroom and clinical teaching.