The SMHS Academy of Education Scholars


The SMHS Academy of Education Scholars seeks to develop and recognize excellence in education scholarship and research to advance the practice of medical and health sciences education and improve the quality of SMHS educational programs and patient care. The following is being offered to Academy members to support education scholarships:

  • templates and other materials for developing research plans and designing research studies;
  • one-to-one mentoring;
  • support for data analysis and writing expertise,
  • peer group discussions,
  • periodic half-day skill-builder workshops (see previous event recordings in the Events Archive section of the website), and
  • recognition of achievements.  

Research conducted by Academy members might test a new teaching strategy or compare teaching methods; develop and implement tools to measure learning; evaluate curricular gaps or assess the impact of curricular change (these are examples and should not limit ideas). We are interested in fostering the development of generalizable/transferable knowledge.

Criteria for GWU Academy Membership

  1. Professional role in teaching and/or an education-based program
  2. Evidence of professional commitment to education, such as:
    • Advanced training in education - Master Teacher certificate or Education degree
    • Course or Block Director
    • Residency Program Director
    • Publications and presentations indicative of educational scholarship
  3. Current project in development or implementation
  4. Approval and support of Department Chair
  5. Letter of recommendation
  6. Personal statement

Benefits: Academy members will receive the following:

  • Assistance in developing and feedback on their annual education research plan.
  • Membership in a collaborative community of education scholars who collaborate with and support one another with monthly meetings for open discussion and the opportunity to learn more about resources and concepts relevant to education research and program development.
  • Recognition of excellence in and a commitment to education scholarship.

Membership: Academy members are selected based on submitted applications. Membership is active for two years and continues for the duration of time the faculty member has an active annual research plan and is currently participating in an education research study or related scholarly project. It is expected that members will attend and contribute to monthly meetings when possible. 

Are you working on a quantitative research project? Do you need stats help? 

If so, the Office of Clinical Research can help. They provide stats consultations, and their lead biostatistician is Dr. Sean Lee. To get stats/biostats support, simply complete this request form.

Libraries & Academic Innovation - Help with De-identification

The GW Library assists researchers with data deidentification at different stages in the research process, from planning to data curation for sharing. For example, they often help by consulting researchers on their Data Management Plans or identifying repositories for data sharing. The Library also can consult with researchers using tools for data deidentification, for example in OpenRefine, NLM Scrubber, NVivo, or different packages in R.

GW community members can schedule virtual or in-person consultations with us using this Calendly link:


Please see the links below for lists of publications and scholarly work from Academy members. 

2022 Report of Academy Publications

Applications are now closed.
Application Process

Eligibility: All full-time, regular-status SMHS faculty; all disciplines; all specialties; teaching at all levels are eligible to apply.

Please include the following in this order: The application should be no more than 2 pages.

Contact Information
: Name, faculty title, department, email address, and telephone.

Current Education-Related Responsibilities: Briefly describe your current teaching and education leadership responsibilities. List any major past roles and responsibilities. Please do not send a CV; this is a summary.

Brief Overview of Education-Related Training:

Must have evidence of training or experience in education. Indicate Coursework/Workshops/Advanced Degree(s) that includes training in teaching and learning theory, strategies, and assessment; and/or curriculum development and evaluation, and experience in education research. You may list up to 5 publications or presentations that illustrate your experience in education scholarship.

Personal Statement of Interest in Joining the Academy: Limit to 1 page

Describe your education research agenda/focus and how it has developed. Identify a clear education research project idea. Indicate any work done to date (i.e. literature review) and how you expect membership in the Academy to help you execute this project and, if known, specific resources you anticipate needing. Discuss how the project aligns with SMHS’s and the department’s focus. Discuss how the project results might

  • Advance education practice,
  • Advance education theory,
  • Assist in a future application for external funds.

Letter of Support: This should be from your department chair and should address 1). Your potential for education scholarship and 2). The department’s support for the project.

Please direct any questions about THE SMHS ACADEMY OF EDUCATION SCHOLARS or the content of the application to Patricia Latham, Associate Director for Education Research and Scholarship, at

The major criteria for assessing an application are:

  • The readiness of the applicant to assume the role and responsibilities of a PI on an education research project;
  • The potential for the project to impact medical/health sciences education at GW and elsewhere, and
  • The potential for the project to lead to further scholarly work and external support.