Pre-Work Resources

Resources for Identifying, Developing, and Effectively Using Pre-Work

To be effective, preparatory work in the MD curriculum should:

  • Be assigned and used consistently from the beginning of the curriculum/block
  • Give students an action/recall activity – self-check quiz, question to answer, outline/table to fill in, etc.
  • Be referenced in the class session – but NOT covered in its entirety
  • Use existing resources, when available
  • Acknowledge that students are using external resources – provide them with guidance as to how to evaluate and use those resources
  • If they’re not perfect, or you disagree with some component – explain what and why to the students
  • When developing new resources, the same lecture principles apply – no more than 15 min without a break/activity (preferably 8-10 min max for online video).

For more tips, please see the Effective Pre-work Tip Sheet.

Where to find Pre-work Resources (Videos, Images, Materials):

If you are interested in using video or interactive content as part of your pre-work, you don’t necessarily have to create it yourself. There are many resources available both through our library and freely available online. Below is a brief (not comprehensive) listing of some options.

Library-Provided Resources – find more on Himmelfarb MD Program Guide

Online Video Sources (please review each video to confirm content and accuracy)

Tools for Video and Interactive Module Production

  • Powerpoint (record voice over slides)
  • Camtasia (add animation and some quizzing)
  • Storyline (animation, branching, interactivity)
  • Tablet monitor with stylus – draw on your slides while you narrate
  • iPad apps
  • ThingLink
  • Blackboard Quizzes
  • Many more… Contact the CFE for ideas based on your needs