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CFE Faculty Spotlight

Excellence in teaching & Learning, scholarly endeavors, and leadership are all around us at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences. In an effort to highlight the amazing contributions of our faculty, the Center for Faculty Excellence would like to shine a spotlight on various faculty members and their continued success and excellence within medical and health education.

Each month the CFE will highlight faculty members from across our GW SMHS community based on their current projects, research, and work.

June 2023 - Series
June 2023 Faculty Spotlight - Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt
Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt

Join the CFE as we highlight LaQuandra Nesbitt, MD, MPH, who discusses her role as Senior Associate Dean for Population Health and Health Equity and the Executive Director of the Center for Population Health Sciences and Health Equity (CPHSHE) and her work within the GW and DC communities. Dr. Nesbitt discusses her journey and future goals for incorporating discussions of population health and health equities to understand better the communities we serve and train future medical leaders. She also discusses the importance of mentoring in her own career and leadership development.

May 2023
May 2023 Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Marie Borum, MD, EdD, MPH, MACP, FACG, AGAF, FRCP, Professor of Medicine and Director of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases

Join the CFE as we highlight Marie Borum, MD, EdD, MPH, who discusses her professional and academic journey to her current position as Director of the Division of Gastroenterology, Director of the Gastroenterology fellowship, and Professor of Medicine. She details her outlook on the future of advances of the division as well as the foundational elements for providing excellent clinical service, training future physicians, and developing faculty. 

March 2023
March 2023 Faculty Spotlight
 Dr. Raymond Pla, MD an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Join the CFE as we highlight Dr. Raymond Pla, MD an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, who discusses his academic and professional journey to Anesthesia. Raymond grounds his clinical service, and approaches to teaching learners through the lens of the principlism model of bioethics. He details the importance of ethical principles in being an advocate for patients and communities through roles on the Hospital Ethics Committee and his excitement in the new partnership between the hospital and SMHS over in Southeast DC.  

February 2023
February 2023 Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Priti Bhansali, MD,  Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Join the CFE as we highlight Dr. Priti Bhansali, who discusses her journey to working as a Pediatric Hospitalist and insight into the groups she leads that provide support and resources around teaching, learning, and scholarship. Dr. Bhansali provides insight into the field of Pediatric Hospital Medicine and her role as the Director of the Children's Academy of Pediatric Educators (CAPE) and how this group supports the scholarship of Pediatric faculty. Read our full interview with Dr. Bhansali here.

January 2023
January 2023 Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Lisa Schwartz, January 2023 Faculty Spotlight, Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences

Join the CFE as we highlight Dr. Lisa Schwartz who discusses her professional journey from clinical work in Genetic Counseling to teaching in higher education and involvement in education research. Lisa shares her upcoming initiatives within GW and SMHS and provides insight into her Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship from the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), for a grant titled “An Exploration of Genetic Counselors’ Professional Identity." Read our full interview with Dr. Schwartz here.

October 2022 Faculty Spotlight
Maram Alkhatib, MD and Zareen Zaidi, MD, PhD October 2022 Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Maram Alkhatib and Dr. Zareen Zaidi American Medical Association funded project, “Unpacking the stranger: Xenophobic Experiences of Arab Women in Academic Medicine.” Maram and Zareen discuss their project, the importance of mentoring, and how they received the AMA Joan F. Giambalvo Fund for the Advancement of Women grant. Read the full interview here.


November 2022 Faculty Spotlight
Brandon Beattie, November 2022 Faculty Spotlight

Join the CFE as we highlight Brandon Beattie, who discusses his journey from US Army Medic to practicing Physician Assistant, and now Assistant Professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies. Brandon shares his unique perspectives in teaching, training, and his passion for reducing barriers for fellow veterans and underrepresented minorities through holistic admissions procedures. Read the full interview here.


December 2022 Faculty Spotlight
Melissa Carroll, PhD MS, December Faculty Spotlight

Join the CFE as we highlight Dr. Melissa Carroll, who discusses her current projects and research that is both identifying the lack of representation and diversity in medical and health education, but also providing solutions and resources for diverse anatomical illustrations. Dr. Carroll discusses her evolution as an anatomist and advocate for inclusive teaching and practices. She is the recipient of two major funding initiatives from the American Association of Anatomy (AAA) - Portfolios of People: Advancing Anatomical Representation Together (POP AART) and the Global Neuroanatomy Network (GNN). Read our full interview with Dr. Carroll here.