Authorship Practices in Health Professions Education Research

Dr. Lauren Maggio, PhD
Dr. Lauren Maggio, PhD
Authorship Practices in Health Professions Education Research

Authorship plays a critical role in academia with implications for an individual's ability to be hired and promoted. Moreover, authorship has been found to influence researchers' wellbeing and sense of professional identity. Despite these high stakes, authorship is not always straightforward and authors may find themselves in "gray areas" in which how to proceed is unclear and often undiscussed. This talk will open a conversation about authorship that covers recent studies on the topic and includes opportunities for discussing and brainstorming strategies for navigating authorship dilemmas.

By the end of the presentation participants will:

  • Define authorship 
  • Discuss authorship gray area.
  • Describe new innovations in authorship 

Earn 1.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ by attending. This presentation is fully virtual. For more information on the presentation and Dr. Maggio, view the full flyer here.

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Sponsored By: The SMHS CFE Academy of Education Scholars