G-3: GW, Georgetown, & Geisel - #MedEd Grand Rounds

Resilient Teaming in Medical Education Research
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In healthcare, we have relied extensively on the analogy of aviation to guide our team training efforts. The aviation analogy has proven very effective when training for dealing with somewhat stable and predictable situations. However, it falters in situations where volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity strike practice and research teams. It is, therefore, probably not surprising that we continue to struggle with making our teams more resilient during disruptive situations. In this interactive presentation, I will introduce the sociobiology analogy as a complementary lens from which to think about resilient teaming in medical education research. Using insights from investigations with action teams, I will engage participants in discussion around the sociobiology principles of communication, decentralization and self-repair as it pertains to medical education research teams.

Presenter: Dr. Sayra Cristancho, PhD