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Geoff Stetson, MD

A virtual event sponsored by the SMHS CFE Academy of Education Scholars.


Geoff Stetson is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Medical Education at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UIC). Dr. Stetson attended Brown University for his undergraduate studies, and the University of Chicago for his medical degree, and completed his internal medicine residency at UCSF, focusing on primary care for systemically marginalized populations. He remained as faculty at UCSF before joining UIC in April 2022 as the Director of Clinical Faculty Development, where he enhances clinical learning through faculty and professional development initiatives.

With a decade of experience in training others to be superior clinical educators, both in-person and via innovative social media platforms, Dr. Stetson was recently named a Macy Faculty Scholar. This honor is part of a program designed to support and develop the careers of promising educators in medicine and nursing.

Additionally, he is a co-founder of MedEdMentor, a pioneering online medical education resource that steers users toward making substantial contributions to the field.

Session Description:

Launched in September 2023, MedEdMentor is a complimentary online resource that acts as a virtual mentor for medical education scholars worldwide. This is evidenced by its extensive user base, with over 1,000 registered users from 43 different countries. The current version of MedEdMentor includes five primary resources: instructional lessons to acquaint users with the field, a comprehensive database of more than 250 theory summaries, the inaugural medical education-specific literature search engine, an AI-powered tool for theory suggestions, and the first chatbot dedicated to medical education.

In this session, the MedEdMentor team will discuss the problem their resource aims to solve, demonstrate the functionality of their tools, and offer insights into the future developments of this innovative platform.

Learning Objectives for Participants:

  1. Identify the challenges novices face when delving into medical education scholarship.
  2. Highlight the inequities in medical education publishing.
  3. Enumerate the ways MedEdMentor can aid both current and prospective scholarly projects.
  4. Implement MedEdMentor’s tools to address concrete research inquiries.
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